About Your Team

Felicia Kmetz

Practice Manager of Operations

Certified Dental Assistant
Missouri College

Felicia completed her internship with FD Arnold in 2009 and has been with us ever since. Felicia has pursued advanced training and earned her certification in Removable Prosthetics, Fixed Prosthetics, Restorative I, and Restorative II. She is also qualified as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. In 2018, she brought her extensive expertise in the dental field to her role as the office’s Practice Manager of Operations.

“I love using my artistic skills and abilities to create a quality dental experience for every patient."

Shannon Krajczar

Registered Dental Hygienist / Sub Regional Hygiene Mentor

Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene
Lewis and Clark Community College

Shannon comes to us from Ipswich, England by way of Colorado Springs, Colorado (which she considers to be her true home town) and has been a part of FD Arnold since 2006. She’s known by our team members as “The Handyman” because she takes care of what needs fixing around the office.

“I enjoy making a personal connection with my patients so I can ease their fears, provide education, and make them feel like a part of our family.”

Katie Orchard

Registered Dental Hygienist

Associate of Applied Science
St. Louis Community College at Forest Park

Katie began practicing dental hygiene professionally in 2015 and has been with FD Arnold since 2018. In addition to her duties as a Registered Dental Hygienist, Katie plays a central role in educating our patients on all aspects of their dental health. She also enjoys contributing to the practice’s marketing efforts.

“I enjoy ensuring that each patient receives dental treatment that is as pleasant as it is efficient and effective. Fortunately, our exceptional teamwork makes this easy.”

Catie Scott

Registered Dental Hygienist

Associate of Applied Science
St. Louis Community College

A native of Arnold, Catie has been improving her hometown’s oral hygiene since 2015. As a Registered Dental Hygienist, Catie specializes in delivering individualized care and educating her patients on how to maintain their optimal state of oral health.

“I believe it’s critically important to treat each patient as an individual so we can meet his or her unique needs.”

Karen Simon

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant
Coastal Carolina Community College

Bachelor of Arts
University of Southern Indiana

Karen brings humor and passion to her duties as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant here at FD Arnold. She ensures that our team’s high-quality care is delivered with kindness, grace, and just the right amount of style.

“Success in life requires that we not only survive, but thrive…and I want our patients to do this with a healthy, dazzling smile.”

Stacy Wieczorek

Business Assistant / Hygiene Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts in Business
Mississippi State University

Stacy brings over 27 years of experience in the dental field to FD Arnold’s team, which she joined in 2014. In her dual role as Business Assistant and Hygiene Coordinator, Stacy works with patients on their budgetary decisions so they are able to pursue their best treatment options.

“My focus is on helping our patients to get the care and treatment they need by providing financial guidance that is always in their best interest.”

Mariah Woods

Dental Assistant

Certified Dental Assistant
Anthem College

Mariah has been helping patients at FD Arnold since 2014 and is currently working towards certification as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. She excels at helping people relax and has a particular talent for working with our pediatric patients. She is also Nitrous Oxide certified so patients who are particularly anxious about their dental treatment can enjoy a pleasant, productive experience.

“I chose to work in dentistry because I want to help improve people’s health and assist our patients in changing their lives for the better.”