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Welcome to Family Dentistry of Arnold.

About Us

Teeth Whitening

We offer take-home trays for teeth whitening. When you choose to have your teeth whitened at Family Dentistry of Arnold, you can feel confident our dentist has the necessary knowledge and skills to give you the whiter smile you desire. 

Dental Imaging

This technology is used to ensure that our dentist has the clearest results of your dental examination. With it, our dentist can provide clear guidance on how to alleviate any dental issue you may be experiencing. 

Oral Cancer Screenings

When detected early, oral cancer has high survival rates. If you have certain risk factors, like a family history of oral cancer, our dentist recommends regular screenings to ensure early detection. 


For minor to moderate misalignment, Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces. The orthodontic system features a clear aligner that's custom-fitted to your teeth. Our dentist will meet with you to determine your eligibility for this treatment, and if so, will then provide you with everything you need to achieve a straight, healthy smile. 

Teeth Cleaning

Even if you brush your teeth as recommended (twice per day), it’s always beneficial to have a professional teeth cleaning. Buildup of plaque, tartar and stains happen over time--especially in hard to reach areas of the mouth. A biannual professional teeth cleaning, along with good daily dental hygiene, will help you maintain great oral health.